World Teachers' Day – October 5, 2022

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This year marks the 28th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, with celebrations taking place across the globe. In 2022, the theme is: “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”.



Sonja Hristovska-English teacher at UC Academy:: 

As an English teacher with 15years of experience it is safe to say I have deeper understanding for what it means to be passionate, compassionate and thoughtful; to encourage students’ engagement and responsibility; to respond to students from different backgrounds with different needs; to provide students with continual assessment and feedback; and to ensure that students feel valued and included. It truly is a process and one is a real teacher only if enjoys every step of the way.

For me it is all about seeing students grow and absorb knowledge as a power, the kindness I have to offer, having day-to-day opportunity watching them improve their knowledge and being part of shaping their life while going towards developing actual life skills. It’s priceless. There are so many rewarding elements, grades are bonus but not as important as  children’s joy and spark when they achieve something they thought they couldn’t or took them an extra effort. It is beyond joyful to see a child’s confidence grow and you are just a part of that milestone.













As a kid growing I had two kinds of teachers and both made the person I am today, but only those who helped me spread my wings helped me be the teacher I am today.  

I set a goal years ago to be a teacher who takes a real interest in student’s life and aspirations, who helps them understand who they are and discover their passions, and who teaches them how to love learning, how to be independent, make free choices and be bold and brave to express themselves, in front of me, their parents and friends, in front of the world. Let’s teach about sympathy, kindness, equality and unity, only in that way we can be part of the recovery today’s education desperately needs.   

I am a teacher working hard every day to help young people learn and grow because I believe teachers mold future generations. Teachers matter!



Mare N. Joshevska
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Tea Ilievska-English teacher at UC Academy:


Learning languages has always been my strong suit, so I decided to pursue linguistics and teaching as a career. After university, I started teaching immediately and have been ever since. It’s a fulfilling profession, especially if you wouldn’t want a 9 to 5 job; every class is its own universe and offers its own set of challenges. The best part is meeting new people of all ages and getting to know them through and throughout the lessons. The classroom is a safe space for sharing and learning - that goes for both the students and the teacher.

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