Unlimited book club

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Mare N. Joshevska
  • 8 Min. Read

In our little community, books are an everyday topic and everyone has their own favorite category. In general, we all love new bestsellers, technology based reads, marketing, and the most affirmative ones with self-improvement content. Every month, we have a new book recommendation that we send to all of our colleagues. We thoroughly enjoy discussing the current book titles during our lunchtime and on coffee breaks. We give each other books for birthdays, for Secret Santa, or simply for the reason we saw it and it made us think of them. The whole idea with our internal book club is that it’s not just reading- it’s more than a new story, it’s a moment to connect through conversation regarding certain situations, current holidays or celebratory customs. The latest offerings that we are bringing to our Unlimited book club are the books that we are bringing back with us from our business trips, so we can share our new experiences with everyone in the office. Most commonly are our traditional tourist books with all the historical landmarks that include legendary tales, and traditional cook books with authentic recipes.  

We are lucky to be born in a time when technology can do so much more to improve our lives. There are plenty of ways enjoy your readings - Traditional book, e-book or kindle? Which option do you prefer?

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