Team building around the United Kingdom

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Just a classic activity that inspires storytelling and improves team bonding…

What are the different types of team building?

*Activity-based team building

*Skill-based team building

*Value-based team building

*Team bonding

When there are business trips/team buildings/meetings, what are the best options for your employees?

Mix it all together!

So many things to be done, so little time, that was the main thought on our mind on the business trip that we made in the United Kingdom. London, Sheffield, Manchester, Bake well… Was it dynamic? Yes. Does the time fly by when you have a full agenda? Of course. From the traditional English barbeque, to visiting amazing pubs and food corners, we experienced a one-of-a-kind rhythm from all of the places. From games and quizzes to visiting museums, castles and flea markets we were a small group of colleagues, enthusiastically spending the days with wide smiles on our faces. The concept was probably less strategy and more time management, but in the end it turned out to be the best possible way to make it all happened. We hope that in the future there will be many occasions like this one.



Mare N. Joshevska
  • 10 Min. Read

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