Silvija Lozanova Interview


By teaching our girls to code, we’re not just preparing them to enter the workforce — we’re preparing them to lead it.”


Only 24% of computing jobs are held by women. So, knowing this statistic, this interview will be a dedication to all the females in the IT Industry. Our colleague and frontend developer, Silvija Lozanova is celebrating one year in our Unlimited Coders team, she is the only woman among the frontend developers, and always has a smile on her face with an enthusiastic nature.


1. What was the main reason for your career choice?

One of the great things about technology is that, because it’s such a new area and it’s growing so fast, many companies are shimming traditional career paths and entry requirements. Learning about all of that and as a person being all about intellectual challenge and job security with so many opportunities to grab, there was almost no reason to not give it a GO. And, of course, the result was a success.

2. What inspires you most in your profession?

 What inspires me the most is the desire to find out how far I can go, how good I can become in my field. Sure enough, I have already mastered some of the programming languages and it allows me to work on complex projects, and have a real impact reflecting in my work. But is this really the pinnacle? Can I do even more and become even better in my field? And, what options will open to me once I mastered another programming language? Such questions, and a desire to find my own limits – if they exist, motivate me to keep learning, working on my skills to be even better.


3. What skills does a front-end developer need?

A front-end developer works on websites and applications user interface. They are in charge of determining the structure and design of the web application, adding features to improve the user experience, creating a balance between design and functionality, optimizing the web applications for various devices, optimizing pages speed and scalability, and coding web pages using multiple markup languages. However, front-end web development main skills are HTML, CSS, SASS, JAVASCRIPT and many more frameworks that are used as a starting point in web development.



4. If you have to choose only 6 words to describe the Unlimited Coders team, what wouldthey be?

Communication • Leadership • Teamwork • Innovation • Growth • Dedication  

5. What is the most challenging thing that you have experienced during work?

If I’m being honest, for me, the most challenging thing was the very beginning. Learning all the concepts and projects, the pressure of the due dates when you are new in this industry was very challenging, however when you love what you do everything falls in the right place at the right time.  


6.The IT Industry represents the future; how do you see yourself in this future?

A few of the goals I’ve set for myself over the next few years include learning new programming languages and gaining new skills. I’m excited about the opportunities this job would provide me, as I believe they will support my long-term career goals and allow me to grow within this company and give back by utilizing the skills I’ll gain.



Mare N. Joshevska
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