Memorandum for a long-term cooperation

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On the eight of February 2023, in the premises of the private school SABA from Bitola, the teaching coordinator, Bisera Bijelić-Stojčevska, MSc and the director and founder of the IT company and the Academy of Languages, Programming, Design and Human Resources - Blagojce Taleski, signed a exclusive Memorandum for long-term cooperation between this above mentioned private, secondary, vocational school and "Unlimited Coders" Bitola.

Everything started a few months ago, during an informal conversation and a question that arose which was: What is the best solution to a better educational system, and consequently, to a better quality young staff who will want to work at the local level. The answer to that is networking and collaboration between schools on the one hand and the private sector on the other. By applying the learned theory in practice, by facing real business situations, problems and challenges from an early high school years. Getting out of the comfort zone for the young person means entering the private sector under the mentorship of more experienced professionals as well as learning by doing.


The signing of this Memorandum means that the students who are enrolled and study in PHS SABA Bitola will have the opportunity in the third and fourth year of the studies to carry out their practical lessons within the framework of the successful company, Unlimited Coders Bitola. By doing so, they will build experience, work habits, skills and competences that in a long term will make them quality personnel who is valued and well paid on the labor market.

``Unlimited Coders'' Bitola is a local company that selflessly opens its doors to young people because it sincerely believes in their potential, values their work and effort, and thus invests in its future employees.

More broadly, this cooperation contributes to the young people from Bitola to have a bigger and stronger motivation to stay and build their future here. Only in that way will the local economy develop, and Bitola will be a beautiful and promising place to work and live in.



Mare N. Joshevska
  • 8 Min. Read

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