Katerina Mukoska interview


Today we are celebrating 3 years since Katerina joined our team. She is a backend developer and one of the first females who start working in the company and still doing her best. We are happy to have her positive attitude in the office, always prepared to be the best team player and is a true colleague when anyone is in need.

1.Who is Katerina, tell us your story?

I have a bachelor’s degree in information systems management, but the beginnings of my career were as a front-end web developer. Being surrounded by brilliant developers in the field got me interested in back-end development. I found it a fun opportunity to level up my skills, and I now ended up working as a back-end developer. Off work, I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters.

2.Why this profession?

I originally choose management, but it didn’t seem like enough of a challenge for me. During the first year of my studies, I was lucky enough to meet a professor who was very passionate and exquisite at his work, and he was the reason I got to learn HTML and CSS. I’ve never stopped learning about development since then.

3.How you are managing the day between work and mom obligations?

It all starts with a strong cup of coffee, and from there – I just wing it. Juggling between work and parenting is indeed challenging, but I also find it fun, especially when you love both as much as I do!


4.According to you, what does it take to have good work space?

A good workspace is one with excellent teamwork and communication; one that challenges me to grow and improve, by nurturing trust and respect for all team members and being committed to both individual and company success.

5.Use five words to describe you team.

  • Passionate
  • Fun
  • Reliable
  • Loyal
  • Team players

6.If you were able to change anything in your professional life, what it would be and why?

The one and only thing I would change would be to start back-end development earlier.

7.What is the best advice that you have ever received?

Anything is possible. The sky is your limit!

Mare N. Joshevska
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