Interview with Stefan Kostovski


Meet our colleague Stefan Kostovski, he has been in our team more than a year and a half. His position in the company is mobile developer. Always calm by nature he finishes apps and features in an efficient, timely manner. We are glad to have him on board, and be part of team full with enthusiastic and energetic professionals.  


1. What was your first impression when you started in the company? 

I was really impressed with the organization and freedom in the Company, and it was my first time to be with a team of developers who are highly professional and chill at the same time.


2. What are the main steps in developing a mobile application?

There are a few main steps that are important while building the mobile apps, such as :

  • Communicating with clients and understanding the design that they are looking for as well as the functionalities, ideas, plans etc.
  • Making an agenda for the logic and structure of the application.
  • Writing the code, clean and readable.
  • Testing the application and fixing potential bugs.
  • While coding always keep communication with the clients for any potential changes that they need or want.
  • At the end uploading the app on Play Store and App Store.


3. What apps do you currently have active in iTunes or the Android Play Store?

Currently published app on App Store and Google play store is the Reef App, and the other one is in testing phase.


4. What are the advantages of hybrid apps over native apps?

The advantage of hybrid apps is that we are developing In one program language (Dart) and the amazing framework (Flutter) generating code for android and iOS. With that we can make more functionalities, we have more flexibility, and we save a lot of time as well.


Mare N. Joshevska
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5. What is the most important skill for a mobile developer?

My opinion for what is more important skill as a developer is to be persistent and to have a good logic.


6. How do you keep updated with the latest industry trends and technologies?

This industry is changing rapidly, so to keep up I am always willing to learn new things from online courses and also my colleagues.

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