Design (Photoshop & Illustrator, User Interface)

Open your mind on a level where you can receive a fresh beginning with courses made for practical work in a great, sustainable environment. Learn new skill sets and a mix of creativity that will open up new doors to your future.

What you’ll learn:


  • Photoshop tools
  • Creating images, graphics, paintings and 3D artwork
  • Discover your own artistic style


  • Adobe Illustrator Tools
  • Creating logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations
  • Editing Vector graphics and design program.

UX (User Experience)

  • Basic Introduction to UX
  • Product Definition (Stakeholder Interviews, Brainstorming)
  • Product Research (Competitive research & analysis)
  • Ideate (Sketching & Wireframing)

UI (User Interface) - Figma

  • Learning the software tools and features
  • How to use colors & color contrast
  • Typography, sizes & hierarchy
  • Consistency
  • Layout grids
  • Components
  • Prototypes and animation
  • Mobile UI designs
  • Web UI Design


  • Create, edit, view, assign tasks on Asana

Course info:

  • In class total cost: 1,700 eur
  • Duration: 7 months
  • Begins: 16th October

Payment options:

  • Full payment
  • Monthly installments
  • 30% deposit plus monthly installments until it is paid off in full
  • 50%, plus monthly installments until it is paid off in full


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