Full-stack Developer

Open your mind on a level where you can receive a fresh beginning with courses made for practical work in a great, sustainable environment. Learn new skill sets and a mix of creativity that will open up new doors to your future.

What you’ll learn:

Text Editors & WAMP Local Server

  • Sublime
  • Visual Studio Code
  • WAMP (Installation, PHPMyAdmin, Manage virtual hosts)

GIT commands

  • Basic commands and how to use the terminal commands to navigate throughout the folder structure
  • Working with both local and remote environment system
  • Working with GIT branches and GIT merge and solving overlapping code conflicts
  • Learning how to use basic GIT commands like GIT restore, GIT revert, GIT reset, GIT push, GIT fetch, GIT pull, etc.

UI/UX Basics and tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Figma


  • Basic HTML5 syntax, elements, tags, tables
  • Attributes - general and tag specific
  • Creating mini website just by using plain HTML5


  • CSS Syntax and learning how to write and use the CSS selectors
  • Learning what is the “Box Model” and how to add CSS colors and fonts to the DOM
  • Element positioning using Flexbox model
  • CSS transitions and animations
  • Responsive design

Bootstrap v5.2

  • Basic Bootstrap concepts
  • Implementation of the Bootstrap 5 Grid system
  • Creating fully responsive web pages by using Bootstrap 5


  • Learning of the basics
  • Manipulating with DOM elements
  • Functions and arrays operations
  • Callback functions, Promises and Async Await
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


  • What is jQuery?
  • Manipulating with DOM elements
  • jQuery animations
  • jQuery Plugins

Databases - MySql

  • Basic database concepts
  • Using MySQL for managing databases
  • Creating tables in the database
  • CRUD operations
  • Indexing foreign keys
  • Joining multiple tables by using foreign keys


  • Introduction to PHP
  • Structural programming
  • Establishing a connection to the database using PHP
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


  • Exchanging data information with the server without reloading the page

Laravel 9

  • What is Laravel?
  • Installing Laravel
  • Intro to php artisan
  • Installing Node, NPM and using webpack
  • Migrations and seeders
  • RESTful Resource Controller
  • MVC (Model View Controller)
  • Laravel blades
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Eloquent relationships
  • Middleware
  • Pagination
  • Sending notifications (Emails)
  • Payment method (Cashier/Stripe)

Livewire basics

  • Creating a component
  • Including the component
  • Properties of the component
  • Actions
  • Events
  • Form validations


  • Create, edit, view, assign tasks on Asana

Course info:

  • In class total cost: 2,400 eur
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Begins: 16th October

Payment options:

  • Full payment
  • Monthly installments
  • 30% deposit plus monthly installments until it is paid off in full
  • 50%, plus monthly installments until it is paid off in full


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