Join our enthusiastic team if you are looking to work in a friendly, inviting environment. Our team is always growing and evolving - together. If you are looking to have a good work-life balance, potential for growth and professional development and great company culture, you have found the right place. Send us your CV and speak with us to hear all of the benefits we offer and see if you are a good fit to join our work family!

Why you should join our team

Be a change agent for good

Work on challenging and interesting problems, and strive to do the right thing, the right way. Inspire, Influence, and make changes happen.

Be part of a dynamic Team

Success feels so good, why keep it only for yourself? We thrive in supporting others to achieve it, too. Joining us means that you are all about success, challenges and teamwork!

Upgrade your knowledge and skills

We have the best of the best - working side by side with our developers, you will increase your knowledge of the latest and greatest technologies…

Available Positions

Mid/Senior iOS (Native) Developer

Bitola / Skopje

Flutter Developer


B2B Sales Professional

Bitola / Skopje


Bitola Only

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